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Home»PNP PATROL Plan »PNP PATROL Plan Guide Book»PATROL Plan Guidebook. Up. PATROL Plan Guidebook. Practical Guide. The PNP P.A.T.R.O.L. Plan with CODE-P: and Beyond ( Competence, Organizational Development, Discipline, Excellence and. 1 MODULE 1 Introduction to PNP ITP-PGS (PNP PATROL Plan ) Considering the PNP’s mandate, the performance of the organization from an operational.

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Thus, in the PNP strategy map we see several strategic priorities within each perspective being very closely tied-up and linked with pnp patrol plan 2030 other. This email address is being protected from spambots. Moreover, such progress would also be facilitated by breakthrough results being achieved under the learning and growth perspective.

The new vision of the PNP states that “Imploring the aid of the Almighty, bywe shall be a highly capable, effective and credible police service, working in partnership with a responsive community towards the attainment of a safer pnp patrol plan 2030 to live, work and do business. The process excellence perspective pushes the PNP to excel on its critical internal core processes of crime prevention and solution and community safety awareness through community-oriented and human rights-based policing.

Furthermore, the PNP with its presence in all barangays has direct contact with citizens and any governance breakthrough would immediately have a positive impact on these communities. Performance of the individual PNP personnel as well as the performance of the PNP as an organization can be easily tracked by the use of scorecard.

Plan is attuned with the President’s program thrust under the Philippine Development Plan Their partnership and cooperation with the PNP through public information and dialogue will provide the necessary feedback on the performance of the PNP and at the same time they can provide support to help the PNP in moving forward toward its vision by Thus, it has to invest in pnp patrol plan 2030 and processes so it can win “stakeholders’ support” and undertake proper, efficient and effective “management of its resources.

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As the PNP continues with pnp patrol plan 2030 journey towards real and lasting transformation and to achieve the Institutionalization Status, the fourth and final stage of certification under the PGS, there is a need to cascade the PNP P. The PGS is the Philippine adaptation of the Balanced Scorecard, a management tool used in tracking the organization’s progress in pnp patrol plan 2030 its vision by Ultimately, the community is best served by capable PNP personnel that effectively uphold the rule of law resulting in a safer place to live, work and do business.


The second perspective is “learning and growth. Close Panel Member Login. Plan further down to 1, municipal and city police stations and the development ofindividual personnel scorecards in order to achieve breakthrough results by demonstrating dramatic and sustainable achievements in all of the objectives laid down in the PNP Scorecard as proof of higher level of performance that can be seen, felt and pnp patrol plan 2030 by pnp patrol plan 2030 community that the PNP serves.

The philosophy and core values are the institutional bedrock of the PNP that provide a solid anchor which can keep it safely and soundly grounded as it goes through the vicissitudes of pursuing its mission in gearing toward its vision by What are the benefits to the PNP organization using a scorecard system?

The first perspective is “resource management.

We must strive to become the best we could be. The PNP has pnp patrol plan 2030 to highlight four 4 Perspectives considered to bring about the principal outcome in the process of realizing its npp by Individual and collective performance can be easily tracked. What is the rationale of choosing the 11 strategic initiatives? Pnp patrol plan 2030, it should adopt the Performance Governance System PGS utilizing the Balanced Scorecard BSC frameworkadapted into local circumstances and settingwith a view of providing a common reference for the governance initiatives that should be undertaken to support national strategic priorities at various levels of the Philippine Government and the Filipino society.

Oldie but still a goodie

As a management tool, it provides transparent reporting of measures, targets and initiatives and milestones which are all made available to all its personnel and external stakeholders. Plan by engaging leaders at all levels during the cascading process ensuring ‘buy-in’ of the Plan. Pnp patrol plan 2030 those who wants to come and have more fun in the Philippines in the near future, the PNP shall ensure that the Philippines will be a peaceful and safer place to visit.

While the original platform still works, the new system includes updates that address current needs, makes programs run faster and ultimately help improve operating efficiency. This refers to the different processes and practices the PNP uses in carrying out its mission. Despite all the gains and achievement after its 5 th year of implementation, much reform was still needed to be done and felt especially pnp patrol plan 2030 the PNP frontline units.

The PGS Framework is a holistic approach. Alfredo Jr Pnp patrol plan 2030 Posted: Moreover, several of those strategic priorities within one perspective are also closely connected with the others.


The PNP strategies are mapped out in the strategy map according to the four 4 perspectives that serves as the pillars of our vision.

In addition, two 2 concrete strategic priorities are highlighted.

The PNP revised and enhanced its budgeting process to plxn that its budget corresponds to the requirement of the identified initiatives and provides for unforeseen contingencies. The E-PGS will help create a discipline of scorecard implementation and increase accountability in the organization. The governance scorecard shows how these strategic objectives will be attained.

Pnp patrol plan 2030 need JavaScript enabled to view it.

PGS Made Easy (A Reader) by Res Gestae – Issuu

Within each of these 4 perspectives are the strategic priorities the PNP seeks to give a lot of importance to, as it go about the strategic tasks related to becoming, “a pla capable, effective and credible police service”, “Stakeholder’s Support” is highlighted as an important intervening factor in all of the four perspectives.

The PGS also provided a tool in ensuring the continuity of change and transformation by giving the PNP a firm grip on the road map that is simple, strategic pnp patrol plan 2030 long-term. The PNP can help the Philippines pnp patrol plan 2030 more competitive by contributing to a safer place to live, work and do business as it continues to fulfill its mandate: Plam when attained will result to the development of a responsive police organization that is pnp patrol plan 2030 and ready to do its mandated 20030.

Fund resources are allocated patrpl on the targets and initiatives identified and which will become the basis for the preparation of the Annual Operations Plans and Budget AOPB. Finally, we also see that the different perspectives themselves show close and deep interdependence with each other. We must aspire now for realistic greater pnp patrol plan 2030 and dare for more sustainable progress. There is absolutely no doubt how important these strategic priorities under “process excellence” are.

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Moreover, those resources provided should be used “optimally. Targets were set to serve as the check patrpl balance if we are on the right track and how far are we from our vision