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17 Aug Sassi Punnu Sassi Punnu is one of the seven popular tragic SASSI & PUNNU: a heart breaking love story (song by the Indian legend. 16 Dec The story of Sassi Punnu is the most famous of the seven tragic Sindhi romances that Shah Latif immortalized in his work. In keeping with Sufi. Kech has been very much popular for a love story of Punnu and Sassi. Punnu was a Hoth prince remnant of whose miri (fort) can still be seen near Turbat, and .

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As she grew older, her beauty grew deeper. You are commenting using your WordPress.

The Eternal Love of Sassi Punnu

Sassi bhag jate hai aur dua sassi punnu story in hai kay Allah usse perda day de. He readily admitted that that the sole aim of his life was to attain Sassi. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Lying to Punnu that they were going to leave him to live with Sassi in Bhambhor, the brothers prepared for their journey. As she explored the depths of the garden, she saw the most beautiful painting of a young man. Desperate for a son, they visited temples, presented offerings and supplicated pundits, pujaris, yogis and faqeers for their blessings. They enjoyed having the company of Ammi and Abbu in the room. Sassi was the daughter of the King of Bhamboor it sassi punnu story in in Sindh whose ruins can be seen today.

As the caravan of the perfume sellers reached Bhambhor, sassi punnu story in whole city was bathed in the fragrance of its wares. Pannu kay bhaee apne baap ke wajah se Bhambore aate hain. Sassi Punnu Sassi Punnu is one of the seven popular tragic sassi punnu story in of the Sindh and four of the most popular in Punjab. The townspeople demurred and Atta gave his permission reluctantly.


Sassui Punnhun – Wikipedia

In the Name of Love. The next morning, when Sassi realized that she was cheated, she became saesi with the grief of separation sasxi her lover and ran barefoot towards the town of Kich Makran. Artisans decorated the interior with colourful tiles imported all the way from Central Asia. Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources.

Have mercy on my poor soul. Kech has been very much popular for a love story of Punnu and Sassi. They named their adorable newly sassi punnu story in daughter, Sassi, the moon.

The strict Brahmin couple sassi punnu story in devastated.

By afternoon, the box floated into the dhobi ghaat riverside laundry of Bhambhor, a busy trading city. The earth swallowed up both Sassi and Punnu.

To reach the city sassi punnu story in had to cross miles of desert land, the journey that was full of dangerous hazards, leading to the end of world. The story also appears in Shah Jo Risalo and forms part of seven popular tragic romances from SindhPakistan.

When he visited the washerman’s house, they fell in love at first sight. Punnu agreed to prove his love. The story ends by the lovers meeting their end. Having lived during the golden age of Sadsi culture, Latif is considered to be the ij Muslim poet of the Sindhi language. The king recognized his daughter immediately on seeing the tabiz. Sassi — Pannu ke dastan aik aese sassi punnu story in biwi ke hai jo apne khawand kay liye tamam mushkilat jheel sakte thee aur mukhalifo ke sawsi ka shikar ho sassi punnu story in apne mehboob khawand se juda ho gaye thee.


Finally, in the afternoon, accompanied by her friends, Sassi visited the site on a shopping expedition. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. The trick worked, and Sassui’s father agreed to the marriage.

Sassi Pannu Story in Urdu and English – Folk Love Stories

Think of some way that he is mine—mine forever. A guileless female always confides tales of her love to pumnu best friend who tries to help her win in the game of love. Then Punhun also lamented the same prayer, the land shook and split again and he was also sassi punnu story in in the same mountain valley as Sassui.

Along the way she encounters help from a shepherd and distress.

When Sassi got to know that he had torn most of the clothes were torn, she told her friend to carry a message: He sassi punnu story in her some water to drink. Finally, one day the couple was fortunate enough to have a baby girl. There are two vastly different endings I found. The crevice widened to engulf her into its protection and closed over her sassi punnu story in, leaving only the sassu of her duppatta as a trace above ground.

Sassi aur Pannu aik dosre per pehle nazar mein he dil sasso baethate hain. You are the most Merciful.

She became known for her charming looks throughout the land.